Create Task Day 8

I had a very productive day today. Ms. Kelly helped me with the lives counter so that works now, and I can end the program if the lives hit zero. I'm still working on if the user guesses the whole phrase correctly but I'm not worried. At this point I definitely hit all the requirements for the create task.

Scale 1-10: 8

Create Task Day 7

Today I didn't work on my program at all to be perfectly honest, I was working on a presentation for the Humanitarian Fair and being distracted by Jack. Tomorrow I shall work in the library and be more focused.

Scale 1-10: still 6

Create Task Day 6

I cleaned up the whole code today and got mostly everything neatly into functions. It doesn't totally work, though. The counter for lives doesn't work, and I can't enter 'quit' to quit the program. I'll try to fix those up tomorrow. Even though it doesn't work yet, the program satisfies almost all of the requirements for the create task.

Scale 1-10: 6

Create Task Day 5

There were a whole lot of issues today. I accidentally created a while loop, accidentally quit the program, and a few other things. My biggest problem is fitting the code into different functions. Lots of errors to fix. I can't get program to continue giving the choice option, and it doesn't end if the user correctly guesses the whole phrase. I made progress on fitting the code into functions but I still need to work on that.

Scale 1-10: 5

Create Task Day 4

Today was very productive in terms of functionality. I used enumerate to make it so when you enter a correct letter it shows up in the list and prompts you to enter another letter. Now I have to add an option selection and more code to make you lose a life when you guess a wrong letter.

Scale 1-10: 4

Create Task Day 3

Today was a little less productive than usual since it was Mr. Loller's going away party, but I did learn from Ms. Kelly how the enumerate function works, so I will be implementing that tomorrow. I also realized my code is a little repetitive because it creates a list twice, so I will also fix that tomorrow.

Scale 1-10: Still 2, but working towards 3.